Swing into action

Get ready for non-stop action across
all-new islands. Need a hand?
Bring a buddy along in Co-op Mode.

The islands
2-player fun
Manic antics
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Co-op mode:

Go bananas with a buddy

Co-op Mode lets you take on the Snowmads with a friend. One player controls Donkey Kong while the other controls one of his pals—and their special moves.

Roll over to see each buddy’s
Co-op Mode ability.

Diddy Kong's special ability

Diddy Kong and his peanut popgun have got your back.

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Dixie Kong's special ability

Dixie Kong blasts foes with bubblegum using a handy candy gun.

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Cranky Kong's special ability

This cantankerous Kong will chuck his own dentures at enemies.

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explore six big islands

These all-new environments are as gorgeous as they are challenging.

  • This tropical rainforest will have you vine-grabbing and zip-lining in no time—just watch out for all the wrecked planes.
  • Hop across hot air balloons and race mine carts down dangerous cliffs on this mountain-filled island.
  • Lightning storms, brush fires, and spear-toting baddies just add to the ambience of this grassy island.
  • Cool off while exploring underwater areas here, but try to avoid the electric seaweed and fishy foes.
  • Big globs of jelly give you a real boost as you bounce through this tropical island, home to a rare fruit and a juice processing plant.
  • Donkey Kong’s home island is transformed into a snowy, icy obstacle course.
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Put your reflexes to the test

These new game elements—and
a few returning favorites—will get
your heart pounding!

  • Dive in to new underwater levels throughout the islands.
  • See how fast you can leap from line to line on these new aerial obstacles.
  • Zoom through obstacles and around hazards on a twisty track.
  • Launch through trees, into caves, or straight down waterfalls.
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